Want Cleaner Indoor Air? Add Some Houseplants to Your Home or Office

Everyone wants cleaner indoor air, but purifying that air is not always an easy process.

From pollen and pet hair to smoke and lingering cooking odors, indoor air is filled with all kinds of nasty things, some of which can trigger allergies and other health problems in vulnerable family members.

You could spend big bucks on an air purifying system or install air filters throughout your home, but improving your indoor air quality could be simpler, and far less expensive, than you think. Houseplants are amazing air purifiers, and they cost far less than a commercial system. An AllergyGuard® window shield can compliment your plants for cleaner air.

Whether you choose a lush green fern, a potted palm tree or an assortment of planted flowers, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your home or office, but adding plants to your indoor environment could have a host of other benefits as well. You may not know it, but the leaves of plants act as natural air filters, taking in those indoor pollutants and filtering them away from your home and family.

Simply adding an herb garden to the kitchen can help remove the lingering odors from your meal preparation, leaving the air cleaner and more fragrant than before. And when they are fully grown, those fragrant herb plants can do their part to make future meals even fresher and more delicious.

In the bathroom plants can lower the humidity levels of the room, reducing the steam that would otherwise fog the bathroom mirror after a shower. The natural humidity in the air will also serve to nourish those very same plants, so they will require less manual watering.

Houseplants and flowers can perk up other rooms as well, even as they filter and clean the air.

Plants literally consumer the carbon dioxide you and your family members exhale, all while generating fresh clean oxygen for you to breathe.

Plants can also reduce allergy symptoms for vulnerable family members, so you might want to add some greenery before the spring pollen season arrives. The textured leaves of large houseplants are perfect for filtering out those household allergens, leaving your home cleaner, fresher and more beautiful than ever.

Whether your thumb is green, brown or somewhere in between, there are many great reasons to add some houseplants to your home décor. From natural air filtration and increased oxygenation to odor control and the reduction of indoor allergens, those little plants carry a host of big benefits.