Airborne Pollen Blocking Greenhouse Screen

AllergyGuard® is a high-tech engineered filtration screen that delivers 99% effective airborne pollen blocking power

For Superior Airborne Pollen & Mold Management in free air flow greenhouse & indoor growing operations, there is no substitute for genuine AllergyGuard® Agricultural Screen.

AllergyGuard® is the most advanced agricultural airborne pollen & mold management screen in the world for complete greenhouse sidewall panels to replace Ag-Plastic, windows, doors, overhead slat vents, fan box covers, ventilation control and most indoor grow structures.

Engineered for specialized agricultural market segments including:

  • Greenhouse & Indoor Growing Operations of Any Size
  • Complete Greenhouse Sidewall Panels to Replace Ag-Plastic & Deliver Natural Air Flow & Rain-Blocking Power
  • Interior Airborne Pollen & Mold Isolation Zone Curtains of Any Size & Shape to Block Cross-Contamination from Neighboring Indoor Growth Zones
  • Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation / Pollen Shed Management
  • Specialty Horticulture / Exotic Floriculture / Boutique & Ornamental Agronomy
  • Organic & Non-GMO Produce Operations
  • Government / University / Academic Research & Development & Field Testing
  • Many Custom-Engineered Greenhouse Design & Equipment Upgrades
  • Rapid USA Fabrication & Express Delivery to Any North American or Global Farm Installation Site
  • Installation / Mounting by Your On-Site Farm Crews is Easy and Fast
  • 24-hour AllergyGuard® Tech Support Day or Night
  • Inquire Above With Detailed Project Dimensions to Schedule Your Team’s Review Call with our AllergyGuard® Technical Support Team

Greenhouse Pollen & Mold Barrier Defense Systems
Exterior Barrier Sidewall Panel
Interior Pollen Isolation Zone Curtain Walls

  • For Free Air Flow Greenhouse & Grow Structure Sidewall Perimeter Defense against contamination by airborne pollen & mold spores.
  • Complete greenhouse or grow structure side walls in any size / length / wall height / and full extended jumbo length for individual side wall panels or extended length / continuous fill-perimeter side wall wrap.
  • Also for interior grow space vertical mounting from overhead-to-floor, to install effective pollen & mold isolation zone wall curtains to prevent interior cross-contamination of cultivation from neighboring grow table species.
  • AllergyGuard® Agriculture Pollen & Mold Barrier Screen blocks natural rainwater from entering interior grow spaces.  Rain and sprinkler spray will bead and roll down the exterior screen surface to keep your interior grow space footprint dry for a clean and safe interior floor & sanitary working environment.
  • Available for rapid U.S.A fabrication and express delivery to any North American or global farm installation site.
  • To schedule a prompt project review call with our AllergyGuard® Technical Support Team, please visit / CONTACT US / and provide as much advance tech detail as possible regarding total greenhouse exterior sidewall perimeter footprint / total existing wall height from foundation floor to top edge of vertical Ag plastic sidewall where top of exterior greenhouse Ag plastic wall meets roof horizontal overhang soffit behind rainwater gutter management system.

Installation Details:

  • When measuring your target AllergyGuard® wall panel dimensions, it is critical to allow for 2-3″ of solid structure mount surface to hang / screw / bolt / or otherwise mount your AllergyGuard® Barrier Panel with outside pressure distribution washers around preferred mounting hardware or other structural mounting trim.  Careful measurement will securely attach your AG Barrier panel directly to your structural frame on all 4 sides.
  • When measuring for target panel size and placement, always allow for 2-3″ of greenhouse side wall structural mounting surface – beyond the AG Panel outside perimeter edge on all 4 sides – to properly seal the entire perimeter edge with 4″-6″ wide exterior heavy duty Gorilla tape or similar weather resistant Ag tape product.
  • This final edge tape sealing step is *most strongly recommended* to BLOCK exterior airborne pollen and mold spores from penetrating through the perimeter edge gaps and contaminating your interior grow spaces.
  • Mounting on site is fast and easy – During install by client work teams, your existing Ag Plastic side wall will be measured out into 10-15-20′ widths at client option and cut with a sharp box knife in the vertical direction from top to bottom – from upper roof soffit intersection down to the desired floor mounting and weather-resistant Ag tape sealing line.
  • Each existing Agricultural plastic sidewall section is then rolled up tight from bottom to top and strapped securely into the upper roof soffit corner and out of the way for future optional use or during  non-grow maintenance to protect and keep clean your AllergyGuard® Agricultural Screen.

AllergyGuard® Agriculture looks forward to supporting your indoor free air flow growing operations.