BMT AllergyGuard

Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology

Patented 3-Layer NanoScreen™ Technology

High Performance NanoScreen™ Features

  • High Strength 3-Layer Construction

    Extremely high puncture resistance. / Over 4 times stronger than aluminum window screen.

  • Proprietary 3-Dimensional NanoScreen™ Filtration Layer

    Filters the majority of Allergens, Pollen, Fine Dust, and many other unwanted airborne particles.

  • Produced Using State-of-the-Art Nano Engineering Technology

    For A Stronger, More Advanced Critical Filtration Media.

  • Excellent Filtering Efficiency

    Blocks Ultrafine Particulate Matter using a NanoScreen™ filtration mesh pore density that ranges from 20 – 800 Nanometers (0.02 – 0.08 Microns (μm))

  • High Porosity 80-85%

    Outstanding Permeability for Excellent Air Circulation. Allows fresh air to flow freely into living & workspaces.

  • Ultra-thin / Light-weight

    25% Lower Weight and 50% Thinner Than A Standard Window Screen.

  • High corrosion resistance

    Against Both Environmental Contaminants and UV Light.

  • Blocks 95% of rain and water spray

    Blocks Rain and Sprinkler Spray / Prevents leakage into home & office.

  • Excellent Visibility

    While Blocking More Than 90% of UV Light and 50% of Infrared Light.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Just Use Gentile Water Spray or Soft Rag & Water / No soap required.